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We provide most Immigration Law services such as:
Defense in Removals and Deportation cases, Bond cases. We will go with you and represent you before U.S.C.I.S., the Asylum Officer, Immigration Court hearings before the Immigration Judge, as well as before I.C.E. in bond cases.

We will represent you in Appeals To the Board of Immigration Appeals (B.I.A.). We will represent you in your appeal to the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

We do Motions to Reopen.

We prepare, file and represent in Family petitions, Adjustment of Status, Waivers in the U.S. and Ciudad Juarez as well as other countries in Latin America. We prepare and represent you in Citizenship cases, green card renewals, work permit renewals.

We can also obtain your F.B.I. criminal and California criminal records. Ask about the recent “Deferred Action” and work authorization for  younger immigrants as provided for under the Obama Administration’s recent announcement.

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